NML 014: How to Manage Your Clients’ Stress & Anxiety with Athena Inembolidis

Consumer bankruptcy attorney Athena Inembolidis

Technology and running the business of your law practice is important, but a New Modern Lawyer is always focused on the clients. For many clients, especially consumers and first-time buyers of legal services, engaging a lawyer can be stressful and scary. Part of your role as the lawyer is to manage both the potential as well as current client’s stress and anxiety levels from the initial meeting until the representation is over.

Athena Inembolidis is a consumer bankruptcy attorney in Columbus, Ohio. Due to her practice area, she has to manage client fears and concerns every day. Athena discusses how she handles fearful clients through the bankruptcy process.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Clients are often just as afraid of lawyers as the legal issue
  • Calming clients and easing their fears isn’t rocket science, it’s human decency
  • Why it is important to always explain to a potential client what to expect in the initial meeting
  • The importance of humor during a client meeting
  • Clients love when you explain a document they will receive before they receive it
  • Always try to put yourself in your client’s shoes

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